Why Use A Database

Databases versus Google 



Why use a Database?

Re-edited by M. Harclerode for her school 2014.

Originally presented by Meggie Wright on April 11th, 2012.

What is a Database?

A library database is an organized collection of information that has been digitized. You can search on a particular topic, article or book in a variety of ways [keyword, subject, title, author]. Databases often include multiple sources of information in one location; newspapers, journals, magazines, books, encyclopedia articles, charts, maps, videos, and photographs. These articles have been evaluated for accuracy by experts in the field as well as credible publishers. Databases include copyrighted materials that our School System pays for annually.

  • A Library database is ACCURATE, RELIABLE, ORGANIZED and CURRENT.
  • A Library database counts as a print resource.
  • Citations are included.
  • The Lee County Research Databases are free to our students and staff to use.
  • Passwords are needed.
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