The 3 Types of Rocks


The crust of the earth is rock.

The earth is 4 and a half million years old.

Mountains rise. Seas dry out. Continents move. Wind blows.

Rocks tumble. Streams carry. Earthquakes happen. Volcanoes erupt.

Rocks get buried.  Rocks get pressed. Rocks get hot.




  1. What are the 3 types/categories of rocks? CLASSIFICATIONS
  2. How are they different from each other?
  3. Can you give examples of each rock in the 3 classifications?
  4. What are the properties of rocks?  PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
  5.  What is a rock?  DEFINITION
  6.  What is a mineral? DEFINITION


Play Kahoot game to see what you know. Students go

GAME 1 —  overview of Rocks 

teacher go :

GAME 2 – how to research rocks

teacher go to:



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Next lesson choose a rock type and make your own google slide with facts, properties, definitions, examples and questions


Standard 4.E.6.1 ; Identify the three categories of rocks:  Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic!

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