Perfect Orange – TofC/ Index/ Glossary

Big Goal:

I can use Table of Contents, Glossary and Index to help find information.

Vocabulary: Table of Contents, Glossary and Index

Storytell the Perfect Orange

Our orphan girl was sincere and generous her neighbors loved her.

use Dictionary to look up sincere and generous.

Three Questions to discuss.

1. What did the girl do to demonstrate the qualities above.

2. Hyena was the opposite — what word best describes him?

3. Why was the King wise?

Read the nonfiction book on Ethiopia. Point out Table of Contents, Index and glossary.

1. samosas – use T of C/ What are traditional foods …

2. Choke Mountains – use Index – landform

3. jambo – use Learn to Speak 

4. rugo – use Glossary 

5. Independent country 1962 – Index/independence

6. highland – glossary



Parts of a Book

Table of Contents / Index / Glossary

Optional safari montage on Hyenas

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