Owls and Intro into Digital Citizenship

Wise Owl a Woodland Indian Myth

Wise own Native American Myth


Song “If you like Owls and you know it”

  • flap your hand

  • turn your head

  • hoot hoot


Listen to the Owls

Owl Facts Quiz

Reflection:  Think of the Story of Wise Owl — Are you sometimes like owl? Can you be more patient? Can you be a better listener?  Do you think this can help you be wise?

Now let’s see How Wise You Are About Computer and the Internet


Note: this lesson is a 2 session lesson:

  • Session 1 Whole Group Demo of computer parts/ online safety
  • Session 2 Digital Lab

Big Idea: I can understand the basic parts of a computer, and how the importance of digital safety online.

Learning Objectives: Students will identify the main parts of a computer, and begin their training in digitial citizenship.

Performance Task – watch videos , whole group demo of computer skill games, centers: both computer lab , Kagan numbered heads, thinking map – circle rules of computer lab


Folktale – Wise Owl a Woodland Indian Myth

Lesson Link – general computer basics


1st Computer Session 1[please view for 1st grade details]


Work: relate rules for library – now to computer lab

2.Technology: smart board presentation of computer skill games, computer lab centers [see lesson link], videos

3 HIgher Level Thinking Skills: What is the Internet

4. Kagan: Numbered Heads with higher level thinking

5. Thinking Maps: – Circle Map Computer Lab Rules

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