Manners Thanksgiving

Big Idea: I will understand meal and manner differ by country and time period. I will also understand how letters, diaries and newspapers can help us learn about past events like Thanksgiving. PRIMARY SOURCES.

1. What Kids Around the World Eat For Lunch.

Touch Down/ Take Off – if you would eat this.


Countries Mentioned:

United Kingdom, United States, Cuba, Norway, Nigeria,

France, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Phillipines, India, Korea

2. We need to have good manners – what ever we are offered. Especially at Thanksgiving.

Read these stories

Mind Your Manners – B.B. Wolf

Special Word: ETIQUETTE

How do Dinosaurs eat their Food

3. Test your Table Manners

Brain Break!!

4. What was the first Thanksgiving Like? What did they eat?

Kagan structure — random selector

5. Google Slide on Thanksgiving – Introducing Primary Sources.

6. If Time – Do Unto Otters and Food For Thought



Dressing a Turkey


Big Idea: I will learn that diaries, letters and newspapers can help me understand events. Primary Sources – Thanksgiving meal and manners.

Learning Objectives: Students learn about the first Thanksgiving and the real food of the time period. They will be introduced to primary sources and a time line.

Performance Task: storytelling, google slide, song, short video – if time an online activity

Storytell: Mind Your Manners BB Wolf [ Sierra], How do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food [ Yolen/ Teague]

if time Non Fiction: Food for Thought [Robbins] & Picture Book Do Unto Otters

1.Extention: What do you normally eat at Thankgiving

2.Technology- google slide, [if time online actity relating to thanksgiving.] Safari Montage Interactive Video

3. Higher Level thinking skills – how can we know what happened over 400 years ago

4. Kagan: Take Off / Touch down with Foods.






Story Telling




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