Manners Thanksgiving

Big Idea: I will understand meals and manners differ by country and time period.  I will also understand how letters, diaries and newspapers can help us learn about past events like Thanksgiving. PRIMARY SOURCES

What Kids Around the World Eat for Lunch.

Countries Mentioned:

United Kingdom, United States, Cuba, Norway, Nigeria,

France, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Phillipines, India, Korea

We need to have good manners – whatever we are offered, especially at Thanksgiving.

Read these stories.

Mind Your Manners – B.B. Wolf

Special word – Etiquette

How do Dinosaurs eat their food?

Test your Table Manners – safari 



Google Slide on Thanksgiving – Introducing Primary Sources

If Time – Do Unto Otters and Food for Thought

Online Fun: – Dressing a Turkey

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