Man Who Tricked A Ghost – Dictionary

– Big Idea: I will learn that a dictionary is reference books that helps you clarify word meanings. They are set up in alpha order and used guide words.

Higher Thinking

  • What do you think will happen?  How will the story end?
  • Look at this part of the text – Why is Sung not afraid?

Once there was a man named Sung who was very brave.

Nothing scared him. He would picnic in graveyards and nap in haunted houses.

“We are all forms of the same thing,” he liked to say, which makes us all cousins. So why should I be afraid?”


What animal scares you the most?



BAT – PG. 82




MOUSE – PG 611






Look up your animal word in the dictionary – then online

How would you find animal books or non- fiction books in the library?

How would you find fiction books in the library?

Demo – Mrs. Lodges Library – Shelve It

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