Lon Po Po and Little Red – compare

Big Idea: Compare the characters, setting, and plot between Little Red Riding Hood and Lon Po Po

Sit in Kagan Like Teams

Compare/ Contrast
Character, Setting, Plot



Retell the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood. 

– ” If you like Red Riding Hood and you know it” character song

– Storytell Lon Po Po – review setting of story!

Original French Story of Little Red Riding Hood from Charles Perrault 1697. Could date back to an 11th century poem – Belgium.  Lon Po Po from China dates back 1989, but may date back to East Asia version from the early 1800’s.



We will move from the woods to the jungle.

Media Orientation 2020 – Shorter Version


Wolves Safari Montage Video

Let’s look at some Facts.

REFLECT: Which Story Version did you like better? And Why?

Are wolves really mean and scary? Or are they just acting like animals? 

Lesson 2

Big Idea Topic: Compare two folktales from different countries
Learning Objective: Compare the character, setting and plot Little Red Riding Hood with Lon Po Po
Performance Task: Listen to the story, using numbered heads match the illustration to the right story,
Folktale: Lon Po Po [Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood], Traditional LIttle Red [Germany]
Wolves- Gibbons and Dahl [ nonfiction],- next week
Character, Setting, Plot game ; Wolf Trivia Power Point next week
Cultural Diversity: Folktales Chinese & German Differentiated: storytelling, use of illustrations Kagan- numbered heads for fact/ fiction – wolves trivia

LAFS 1RI3 – Key Ideas and Details: Describe the connection between two individuals, events, or pieces of information in a text.
LAFS 1RI 3.9 – Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: Identify basic similarities in and differences in between two text on the same topic.
LAFS1RL7- Use of Illustrations and details in a story to describe character, setting and events.
LAFS 1RL1.3 Describe characters, settings and major events in a story, using key details.


  • Original Red Riding Hood
  • to Lon PoPo – the Chinese Version

Red Riding Hood Song to if your happy and you know it –

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