Seven Blind Mice – predicting and illustrations

Big Topic: Can you predict by looking at the illustrations what will happen next.

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Place in Kagan style tables


illustrations, illustrator,  picture book

author, text


Read the story the 7 Blind Mice from India.

Show India on online atlas and globe – do hand motions for globe and atlas.


Song : 5 little mice

Five little mice came out to play,

gathering crumbs along the way

along came a kittycat sleek and fat,

and only 4 little mice came back

Four little mice… etc.

Mouse Views book – predict what comes next.

Game: What is this?

bag and blindfold – using sense of touch

Higher Thinking:  If you were blind , could you see colors. What are colors?

Random Vocabulary Selector for this lesson.

Reflect:  When you look at a picture book – do the illustrations help you tell the story- do colors help you feel the story? What is your favorite color?


cute mouse


mouse tricks



Mouse Facts

Britannica Database – best websites to learn about mice

NPR research if mouse can sense other’s pain

If time –

Library Mouse Song

if time

It’s a Book or Library Mouse

Lesson 2

Big TopicPredictions – I can use illustrations [ pictures] to predict what comes next in the story

Learning Objectives: look at illustrations to make predictions and identify patterns, AR Color groups

Performance Task – listen to stories, blindfold game – can you feel colors

Folktale: Indian folk tale: 7 Blind Mice, Nursery Tale : 5 little mice song,

NF- Mouse Views and Animal Colors [NF]

Cultural Diversity: Folktale from India

Differentiated: storytelling, song, physical body movements, Kagan numbered heads

Higher Thinking – If you were blind , could you see colors. What are colors?


LAFS R.LK.3.1 With prompting and support, identify characters, settings, and major events in the story.

LAFS K RL3.7 With Prompting describe the relationship between illustrations and the story in which they appear.

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