Parts of a Book

Parts of a Book

You will be able, with help to identify the parts of a book and understand the special role the author and illustrator have in creating a book.

This is a creation story that also has the theme of cooperation.

Which part of the text shows cooperation:

  1. While Head slept, Body bounced along and landed on top of him.
  2. “Watch where you are going “said Head and Arms. “How can I ” said Body. ” I can’t see.”
  3. ” Join us” said Head. If you help us swim over there, I’ll help you see where you are going.”
Song РHead and Body, Knees and Toes  

Parts of a Book Slide Show

Review words with Duck Duck Goose Game





Title Page

Copyright Page

Call Number


If there is time ‘ The Old Black Fly

Quarter 4: 3/19- 3/22Topic: Parts of a Book

Folktale: Head Body and Legs from Liberia:, Parts by Tedd Arnold ,Head and Shoulder song –The Old Black Fly song — talk about abc order

LAK115 Identify parts of a book.
LAK623 recognize that authors and illustrators create informational sources
Cultural Diversity: Folktale from LiberiaDifferentiated: storytelling, song, physical body movements, vocab game using duck duck goose.Higher Thinking – the theme of the story is the importance of cooperation

Common Core CCKRI5 Identify the front cover, back cover and title page of the book.CCKRL6 With prompting an support name the author and illustrator of the story and define the role of each in telling a story.

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