Little Red and Brother Wolf

Big Idea:  I can tell the main characters, settings and the big events of a story.

1. Main Character of the Story


Vocabulary – Folktale — Character — Plot — Setting

Kagan numbered heads for vocabulary.














Story tell the Traditional Tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Sing the Character Song. [Main Character]

Beginning – Middle – End Game with Wolf Puppet [plot]

Higher Order Thinking – how are the two wolves different. Describe the character of each wolf.

Reflect: Pick one of the stories.  If you switched the character of the Big Bad Wolf with Brother Wolf , would that change the ending of the story? How would it change the ending of the story?













Click on photo from pixabay to go to Safari Montage wolf video


Part 2 – the setting of the story.



The Forest can be a setting for a story.

Read the story FALL – noticing the colors.

Do leaves change colors in Florida? Not like up north but —

We are a Warmer Climate – but there are some Fall Colors





demo how – by clicking on the photo

and then move kids to their computers – after they click in from Digital Lab – K computer – click the Leafy Lafoo

they will use – and after everyone is sitting they can put on their headphones.

1. Draw a Leaf

2. Catch and sort



What Colors did you see?

Gunnywolf ABC story and song

[books are put in ABC order by authors Last name]

Note: this lesson is a 2 session lesson:

Big Idea: I can tell the main characters, settings and the big events of a story

Learning Objectives: Students will identify the characters, setting and major events in the story

Performance Task: listen to story,song, whole group demo word clouds , watch animoto, create book online fall

Lesson Link –

Tagxedo Link – use fall leaves

Go to Makerspace for K – create your own wolf.

1.Extention: NF Books- Autumn leaves [links with previous lesson Fall into Leaves – did you know facts]

2.Technology- with help will make word clouds of leaves/ colors Tagxedo [ forest setting of the story] – watch animoto video including all the colors

3. Higher Level thinking skills – comparing Native American Wolf folklore to the German Version – why wolves are respected?

Folktale: German folk tale :Part 1 – Little Red Riding Hood traditional: ,Part 2 – Brother Wolf [Native American Tale]/ if time: Gunnywolf [Appalachian tale},

Cultural Diversity: Folktale from Germany ,Native America

StandardsLA.K.LAFS.K.RL.3.9, LA.K.LAFS.K.SL.2.5, LA.K.LAFS.K.RL.1.3, LA.K.LAFS.K.W.2.6

ESOLComputer-AssistedRealiaSong/MusicStory TellingTapes/VideosTotal Physical Response


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