Bruh Rabbit & Black History Month

Bruh Rabbit & Black History Month

Big Idea: Understand how different groups of people [cultures] have their own stories.

This is a folktale from early African American storytellers.

During slavery they knew that the little rabbit was small compared to other animals like wolves and bears.

Yet Rabbit was smart and could get himself our of any jam.

Kagan Numbered Heads –

Remember the folktale Brother Wolf. Who was the trickster animal? What culture of group of people does the folktale Brother Wolf belong ?

Storytell Bruh Rabbit introducing a new trickster animal and the African American folktale.



Day Clean & Day Lean



Brain Break — Rabbit are good at hopping – how about you?

Back to our lesson – Bruh Rabbit can move – but he also got stuck.

No one likes to feel caught or stuck. We all like to be treated fairly whether we are big or small.

The Holiday we are celebrating this month is Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday.

An African American Leader who changed laws – to make sure life was fair for all people, of all colors.

Author: Angel Farris Watkins, PHD

Illustrator: Eric Velasquez

Author and Illustrator: Shelia Hamanaka

  • Whole Group Storytelling : Bruh Rabbit and Black History Month

Big Idea: I can understand how different groups of people [cultures] have their own stories.

Learning Objectives: Students with promting will make connections between ideas [fairness] , individuals [tricksters] and events [ slavery & civil rights]

Performance Task: listen to story,song, kagan numbered heads video, nonfiction stories on Martin Luther KIng Jr. and Diversity [ races around the world]

Lesson Link –

1.Extention:relate to Native American Folktale with the Wolf [hero] and Racoon as the trickster

2.Technology- video of hip hop [brain break]

3. Higher Level thinking skills – comparing Native American Wolf to the African American Wolf- also comparing the tricksters, relating fairness to Dr. King

4. Kagan: numbered heads comparing Native American tale to African American tale

Folktale: African American Folktale Bruh Rabbit and The Tar Baby,

NF connection: My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart, All the Colors of the Earth

Cultural Diversity: African American

  • Standards

    LA.K.LAFS.K.RI.2.5, LA.K.LAFS.K.RI.1.3, LA.K.LAFS.K.RL.3.9, LA.K.LAFS.K.RL.2.5, LA.K.LAFS.K.SL.2.4





    Story Telling


    Total Physical Response


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