Biography -K

Biography – A book about a Famous Person

1. Remember Fin?


Was he real?

2. This Giant was —


3. Sing the song

I am a biography – I am a biography

A book about a famous – a book about a famous person

You can read me – You can read me

And learn about my life – and learn about my life

4. Look at Non Fiction book – Actual Size


5. If time go to computers and 

practice story starters

keyboard zoo

Big Idea: Listen to a Biography [ a book about a famoust person]

Learning Objectives: Students will hear the story the Giant of Seveille – then if time go to computer lab – and practice their keyboarding skills – along with story starter

Performance Task: compute

NF – connector Actual Size.

**Lesson Link**

1.Extention: connect to Irish tale on Giants and review of keyboarding skills

2.Technology- computer

3. Higher Level thinking skills – why are biographies important

4. Kagan:

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