Frog Prince: Fact and Fractured

Big Idea:  I can compare and contrast both Fiction and Non Fiction

The Frog Prince Continued with the Frog Prince – literature

Frogs and Toads – informational


Part 1:

Storytell the Traditional Frog Prince with the Frog Prince Continued

Pair Share – What happens to the Frog Prince after they are married?

Numbered Heads – compare the Princess, the Frog Prince and the message.




Frog Activities

Part 2

Difference between Frogs and Toads

Double bubble Frog vs. Toad

  1. Read the Nonfiction Books on Frogs and Toads
  2. Listen to the Frog Sounds

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog – South America Nicaragua – Costa Rica and Panama

Ryan M. Bolton

Great Plains Narrow-Mouthed Toad – North America Nebraska – Texas into Mexico

Arizona Game and Fish

Surinam Toad – Equador, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Guianas

Pipa Pipa – by the Roach Keeper

The Scarlet-sided Pobblebonk – Queensland & New Southland Australia

start at 1:23

Frog Calls Queensland

Midwife Toad – Portugal, Spain, France – Germany

start at 1:35

By Nature Box

Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel


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