Flossie and the Fox – Black History Month

Big Idea: Understand how different groups of people have their own stories.

Vocabulary:  Diversity – Culture

This is a folktale from the rural south – An African American Folktale. The author’s grandfather told this story.

It is also a trickster tale.


Author Patrica McKissack, Illustrator Rachel Isadora.

Kagan Numbered Heads

1. Who is the real trickster in this tale?

2. Usually in stories – the fox is called the Sly Fox – why ?

– In the story Big Mama tells Flossie ” Every-time they corner

that ol’ slickster, he gets away. I tell you that, that fox is one sly critter.”

3. This story is similar to another folktale you know. Can you name it?

Brain Break

Back to our lesson.

Fox safari video link

The fox is surprised that Flossie is not afraid of him. Flossie shows courage,

” Oh well, a fox just be a fox – that aine be so scary.”

This month we celebrate a man who showed real courage

– do you know who?

Martin’s Big Words by Doreen Rappaport, Illustrated by Bryan Collier

It takes courage to dream, to not be afraid- to not judge – to be true.

If there is time:

I have a dream poster –


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