Epic is Epic!

Over 40,000 eBooks that are multi-user. Read these unlimited eBooks in school or at home from 7 to 4. You must use your teacher’s code.

You can link to Epic from their website or the media launchpad in Destiny Discover or your teacher might have a link. 



Student Handout to Print here

Teacher Handout to Print here


Follow these instructions:

Get your teacher’s class code. 

Tips for using Epic

  • Your teacher might have set up an avatar for you – if not you can use guest student.
  • Your teacher might have assigned you a book to read – it would pop up or show up in your mailbox.
  • If you are ready to search, choose the binoculars to start exploring. [top right]
  • You can search by categories.  There are audio books and videos, but your teacher will want you to find eBooks. 

  • Your teacher has set up search preferences and most likely AR is set up as a search option. [top left]
  • Click on AR and then the drop down arrow to select the level that is right for you.
  • Or your teacher might have set up Lexile instead.

  • Select the book you want and start reading.  To close out of the book click the X on the top right hand corner.
  • To continue reading click the My Library [blue heart] and then recent books.


Watch the screencast video:



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