Collections in the Library & Book Battle

I can locate the basic collections in the library.

I can find this year’s Book Battle Books using

Library Website/Destiny/ The Online Catalog  & Overdrive/ E Books

Vocab:  Fiction, Non Fiction, Call Numbers or Call Letters,  E, F, Dewey Decimal Number, Spine, Catalog, E Books or Digital Books, Voice, Emotion, Expression



Start Prezi below – then Sort books by E, F, Number

Then Do the Spin Game

DRAMA Game –

Voice : the combination of vocal qualities an actor uses.  ARPE

1. First say this line in a monotone [ no emotion no expression]

2. Then we will spin to say with the emotion selected.

Say this line – You should go to Mrs. H’s Library Site


The Library Site Splash Page

The Library Site Lesson Page



Part 2

Digital Literacy

Vocabulary –

Literacy, Reading, Informational,  Digital

Fiction, Non Fiction, Fact,Sources,  Reliable Sources

Go over care of chromebook by watching video above.

Students retrieve there chrome books – by number.

Number 1 get their c.books – they can log in and hold at launchpad.

Once Number 1 – go to number 2 and so on and so on.

When they finish with the chrome books return the opposite way – student 5, then student 4 , then ….

Kahoot Game 1 – Vocabulary August 4th and 5th


How to Search Online with Destiny

How to Search Online with Overdrive


Book Battle Books

Known as the SSYRA – Sunshine State Young Reader Award Books


Team Diplomat


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