Citing Sources – Black History Month

Using sources celebrating Black History Month

What does the word CIVIL  mean?  Civil Rights

Big Idea:  Understand that Good Digital Citizens cite their sources to avoid PLAGIARISM.

Begin to learn about BIBLIOGRAPHIES, Citing Sources, CitationsDatabases.  Fake Sources = Disinformation or Misinformation

4th grade autobiography Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges

  • 1960 – pg. preface ” When I was six years old …”
  • New Orleans – K went to segregated school 1958
  • Brown vs. Brown – desegregation 1954 – the year she was born
  • 1 of 6 to pass the test – went to William Frantz school 11/60
  • No others students, no lunch in the cafeteria [ pg. 48], no recess – marshals outside


Bridges, Ruby. Through My Eyes. New York: Scholastic, 1999. Print.

Go to Database about Ruby Bridges with Britannica.

Folktale for 5th Grade – The Hired Hand Robert D. San Souci


D., San Souci Robert, and Illustrated By Jerry Pinkney. The Hired Hand. New York, N.Y: Dial, 1993. Print.


  • 1700’s Antislavery Quakers.
  • Traced back to a Gypsy Folktale in 1889 – but also
  • 1887 African American Folktale first written down.
  • Dick Brown recited it in 1871 – Petersburg, VA
  • Civil War from 1861 – 1865
  • 14th Amendment 1868  granting African Americans Citizenship
  • Jim Crow Laws of Separation from 1870 – 1950’s …. leading to Brown vs Board of Education [1954] then beginning of the end … 

Civil Rights – Ruby Bridges by Jamie McGrath

Civil Rights – Ruby Bridges. Prod. Jaime McGrath. Perf. Ruby Bridges. Civil Rights – Ruby Bridges. Jaime McGrath, n.d. Web. <>.

Finding Sources


Biography work using Databases / difference between elementary level and middle school


Take your person and google them.

Citing Sources

or with EasyBib or BibMe has ads on this site.

Choose MLA – stands for Modern Language Association.

Choose the format you are citing [ book, website, …..]


Kahoot game on Citing Sources

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What is NAPPY?

Steps in how to create a bibliography by Shannon Murphy

21 February 2011

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