AR Colors – K and 1st Grade

Big Idea: Learn and Review AR Colors and how to stay safe online.
Learning Objectives:  Students will understand the importance of staying safe online and practice their keyboarding skills. Students will understand how AR levels are grouped by colors.



K- A Bad Case of Stripes

1st – Rainbow Bridge


Discuss AR Level Colors

Lesson 1 : Online Safety & Keyboarding  Practice

Video on My Online Neighborhood Common Sense Media

What are the 3 rules about going online?

Words to Know: Internet, Online, Website, Keyboarding

  • Internet – Many computers that are connected like a web so you can see what other computer operators show you and you can show them things as well.
  • Website- WEB – another name for the internet, SITE – a place, —A place you can visit on the internet.
  • Online – when you are on the Internet visiting websites.


1. Practice your Mouse and Color skills :


2. Practice Your Keyboarding Skills:

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