7 Spools of Thread – Compare and Contrast

Big Idea:  I can understand the main message of two stories comparing how they are alike and different.

Read the Seven Spools of Thread – A Kwanzaa Story students will act out.

Also storytell the Spider Weaver.

Also review – Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Atlas.

Vocabulary:  Alike  – Different / Compare – Contrast

Jeanie M. Barnett

Michael Bukay – normal speed at 1:35


If I wanted to find out where Ghana is – I could use ___.

If I wanted to know the meaning of Kwanzaa and how to pronounce it – I could use _.

If I wanted to learn more facts about spiders I could use a  ____.

Blue – Red – Yellow – Orange – Green – Black White

If time Bill Nye Spider video from Safari Montage


Power Point Game on Kente Cloth stories

  • kikombe cha umoja

  • Meaning: the unity cup
  • Action: Celebrants drink from this cup in honor of their African ancestors.
  • Before drinking, each person says “harambee,” or “let’s pull together.”
  • kinara

  • Meaning: the candleholder, which holds seven candles
  • Action: It said to symbolize stalks of corn that branch off to form new stalks,
  • much as the human family is created.
  • mazao

  • Meaning:fruits, nuts, and vegetables
  • Action: These remind celebrants of the harvest fruits
  • that nourished the people of Africa.
  • mishumaa saba

  • Meaning:the seven candles that represent the seven principles
  • Action: A different candle is lit each day. Three candles on the left are green;
  • three on the right are red; and in the middle is a black candle.
  • mkeka

  • Meaning:mat
  • Action: The symbols of Kwanzaa are arranged on the mkeka,
  • which may be made of straw or African cloth.
  • It symbolizes the foundation upon which communities are built.
  • vibunzi (plural, muhindi)

  • Meaning:ear of corn
  • Action: Traditionally, one ear of corn is placed on the mkeka for each child present.
  • zawadi

  • Meaning:gifts

Part 2

Read NF Book on Snow and Joseph Had A Little Overcoat



Digital Lab focusing on spiders patterns and Keyboard skills

If time show diversity of cultural celebrations.



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