2021 – 2022 Book Battle Books

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Annotated List of Books Here

Review Teachers:

  • Ms. Ziruolo:  The Great Pet Heist
  • Ms. Rodriguez: How to Test a Friendship
  • Ms. Johnston:  The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter
  • Ms. N. Miller: Midnight at the Barclay Hotel
  • Ms. Danielle Irons:  The Newspaper Club
  • Ms.  Burgess:  Roll With It
  • Ms. Harclerode:  The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez
  • Ms. Clark:  Amelia Six
  • Ms. Tejeda:  Black Brother, Black Brother
  • Ms. A. Reed:  Charlie & Frog
  • Ms. Walworth:  The Disaster Days
  • Ms. Fournier:  A Field Guide to Getting Lost
  • Ms. McKeever:  Following Baxter
  • Ms. Womack:  Wish Upon a Sleepover
  • Ms. Minore:  From the Desk of Zoe Washington



Link to SSYRA – Middle School List here

PDF of Middle School Books – Annotated List

More to come!!!!

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