1st Grade Media Manners

Big Topic:

I can understand how to take care of books and use good library manners .

Today we will Read – Goldisocks and the Three LIBEARIANS

Library, Circulation Desk, Check In/ Check Out, Picture Book, Storytelling, Return Bin,Library Vocabulary – random selector

Media Orientation


Having Good Manners.

Kagan: Time Share Pair

How can you take care of library books?

Show the sad books.

Library Manners


Care of Books Thumbs Up Game

If Time a Pigeon Stories 

Big TopicManners- I can understand the main idea or message of this story and relate this to myself

Learning Objectives: SWBAT understand that good manners includes caring for others and caring for property – relating this to taking care of library books

Performance Task – listen to stories, act out bear hunt song, videos showing care of books and library manners, Timed Share Pair

Extention: How to take care of books -from media orientation

Technology: video

Higher Level: How can you show care for books and the library

Kagan: Time Share Pair

Folktale: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Picture Book – We Are Going On A Bear Hunt

Cultural Diversity: Folktale from United Kingdom

Differentiated: storytelling, song, physical body movements, realia, time share pair, videos

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