Your Favorite Book

What is your favorite book or books?  Help other readers decide what to read next.  Remember to explain why you liked the book.

You might want to check out some CULT CLASSICS – books that teachers loved when they were growing up.

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77 comments on “Your Favorite Book
  1. Sean says:

    I liked the book How To Steal a Dog.
    It had funny characters, and it taught
    me how to steal a dog.

  2. joshua says:

    My favorite book is holes because it shows friendship of stanley and zero.

  3. Raeleen says:

    My favorite book is German Shepherds I liked it because it encouraged my dad to get a german shepherd.

  4. Ariana says:

    I like the book holes.It was about Stanly at camp green lake.It was a FUNNY book.

  5. cadence says:

    I think the harry potter book chamber of secrets is a really good book. I like all of the action in the book also there are new characters.

  6. Raeleen says:

    My favorite book is German Shepherds I liked it because it encouraged my dad to get a german shepherd.

  7. logan says:

    NERDS the book is funny.Nerds are saving the wold.Funny powers.

  8. christian says:

    I loved pincolu it has a lot of twist.I’d recomend reading it its a great book.

  9. Tristan says:

    I like the sieries of Baily School Kids because they alwase have new teachers that are very weird so, they have to go on adventures in the school.

  10. Damion M. says:

    I liked nasecar books because it has a lot of speed.

  11. Allison B says:

    I enjoyed the Harry Potter because Ron Weasley is funny.

  12. Jonathan says:

    I like the book holes.Its one of my favorite books. it has lots of drama.

  13. Isabella says:

    I LOVE the Eldest book,because it is cool and full of action!!!

  14. Carson says:

    I loved the book Holes! It was about Stanley and Holes in camp it was an amzing book!

  15. William says:

    My favorite book was about alternative cars because the future of fuel can be amazing and interesting.

  16. E.M. says:

    I love holes it show friendship between Stanley and Hector. Loves it!💖

  17. miku says:

    I love the book Dork Diaries, and the main character is so full of excitement!

  18. sg says:

    The book holes has a great adventure and is filled with amazing details,it had me sucked into the book the whole time.

  19. shawn says:

    I liked the book percy jackson and the lightning theif because it had action and humor 🙂

  20. mt says:

    Dork diaries is a good book because it is funny.

  21. cody says:

    I like the book american chillers because it has a lot of mysterys and it is a very good book.

  22. RH says:

    I like Harry Potter cause it had anventures and action and funny mometns.

  23. CH says:

    I liked the book Hatchet.I liked how it was about suriviving in the Canadian woods from a plane crash.

  24. lexi says:

    I think Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the best book of harry potter I have ever read. It has a lot of scary detail’s in that he who must not be named has returned.

  25. jesse.w. says:

    I love diary of a wimpy kid it is so relateible .I is also veary funny.

  26. Jessyca says:

    The book on Cheetah’s is so amazing because the Cheetah Cubs are so cute.

  27. alliyah says:

    I admire the series of Harry Potter because they are filled with action.

  28. jarred says:

    I like Harry Potter because he reads book too.

  29. JM says:

    I love the book named Holes it is so good if you picked it up you wold not want to put it down.

  30. josalyn says:

    i really really loved Bridge to Teribethia it was full of wonders and made me full of joyful thoughts and was awesome.

  31. jogly says:

    I love diary of a wimpy kid i read all of the books I love all the crazy things
    greg does.

  32. Olivia says:

    I just read Sound and Hearing, and it is a science AR book.

  33. Josiah says:

    I really liked diary of a wimpy kid dog days it was really funny and full of action

  34. Josiah says:

    I really liked diary of a wimpy dog days it was really funny and full of action.

  35. thomas says:

    This book inspired me to try to get a pet those pets in the book are soooo crazy trying to help each other.Thats what i like.;]

  36. lukediplomat says:

    I love hooper finds a family very sad book but a good actoin book please read this book.

  37. Olivia says:

    I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and it was real funny.

  38. Makenzie from Diplomat says:

    My super favorite was the familiers i just epicly love it!

  39. GN says:

    The book Out of My Mind is sooooo good!
    I would read it over and over agian!:P

  40. payten says:

    Fake mustache is so funny that i almost died of laughter! I love the part where Lenny JR. uses his sticky hand to save the evil Fako Mustacheo(in the book you’ll find out why!)!!!! It’s so funny i would read it again, after i am done with the 2 more i need!

  41. amelia says:

    it is so crazy that they do those things

  42. Lily says:

    My favorite book I’ve read is Turtle in Paradise because it talks about how a girl feels when she is away from her mother.

  43. Madison S.I.A. says:

    can’t wait to try this out!!! yay

  44. Samantha says:

    Wow im seriously excited to make booktrailer at my school im from Diplomat! ~Diplomat Student

  45. angelina says:

    I read Attack Of The Fluffy Bunies! I liked it becuese the two boys were SO scared,hopfully it never happens to me!!!

  46. bdog says:

    hey lightning thieft and guiniea dog is great because of the action and awkwardley noticing.

  47. MP says:

    finished magic half loved the story about time traviling it rocked

  48. db says:

    read alvin ho loved it soooooooooooooooo much

  49. Miriam says:

    I just finished reading The Magic Half by Annie Barrows. I really enjoyed this book about magic and time travel.

  50. Claire S says:

    I just read Where The Mountain Meets The Moon and I thnk that book is very detailed also I really love the drawings.

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