PARP 2018

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Watch ACT 1

Every year Diplomat Elementary School teachers write, act and present a play to motivate student reading. This year’s play is “Keyla and the Lost Treasure.” Will our hero Keyla find the lost treasure and bring light back to her dark island? Should she have trusted the Mermaids? … Will Shiny keep his shininess? Will Crabby and Bobby teach the others to read? Or will the SUNsational Readers of Diplomat enlighten our hero and help her find the key to it all. Watch Act 2 to find out.


Watch Act 2

PARP stands for Parents as Reading Partners.

Director:  Ms. Walworth

Script:  Ms. Harclerode & Ms. Tejeda

Scenery & Props: Mr. Markgraf

Music: Ms. Nauss-Aldrich

Photographer:  Ms. Smith

Actors in Order of Appearance

Purple: Ms. Reed

Pinkie:  Ms. Moise

Periwinkle Blue: Ms. Tejeda

“Surfin” Bobby the Bobcat: Mr. Markgraf

Mama:  Ms. Gilbert

Papa: Mr. Gilbert

Keyla:  Ms. Roberts

Lilo:  Ms. Casola

Stitch:  Ms. Rodriguez

Pele – Goddess of Volcanoes: Ms. Edwards

Shiny:  Mr. Wright

Crabby: Ms. Hoskins

Sun: Ms. Wilcken

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