Creating Book Trailers

You just created a book trailer.  Do you have any advice for others?  What did you like or not like about the process [and why]?  Would you enjoy creating another one?

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2 comments on “Creating Book Trailers
  1. Chase,Samantha,Diplomat says:

    1.Make sure you Get Pictures That Arent Copyright.
    2.At the end Add the websites you got the pictures from.

  2. Dylan, Jade,Julianna says:

    1. Going to flickr but other than that we already done one before so we learned just how to use flickr.

    2. I would teach them how to find pictures and how to use flickr and google to search things.

    3.Creating the music was our favorite part because we had a fun time picking out the music and beat.

    4. Julianna and Jade felt nervose but Dylan felt scary
    and worried.

    5. No because it was scary and frustrating to find pictures and choose the music.

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