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Cult Classics

Check out these books teachers at our school loved when they were growing up. Watch more  Cult Classics. My favorite book when I was growing up was “Little Women” – I read it in 4th grade and it was the

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Do Book Trailers Work?

I come across this question all the time. Do book trailers work?   Usually it is an author who is trying to figure out if this is really worth the time and or expense.   And then others will debate

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What did you learn?

You just completed a book trailer or digital story, now tell us what you learned. Answer these 5 questions? 1. Was there a new skill you learned, that you could use in other projects? Explain. 2. What advice would you

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    Let’s celebrate how books can make a difference in our lives.   This blog is designed to let you share your thoughts on  Florida’s Sunshine State Young Reader Award Books for the year.  You can learn more about the books  and

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