2017 Parp Play Video

Act One

Every year Diplomat Elementary School teachers write, act and present a play to motivate student reading. This year’s play “The Forgotten Forest: A Super Secret Somewhat Spooky Reading Adventure.” Will the camping families find adventure? … or secrets? …or maybe something spooky? Act 2 coming soon!

PARP stands for Parents As Reading Partners.

Act Two

PARP Poster Winners Here

Director: Debbie Walworth

Writers: Michelle Harclerode & Amy Tejeda

Scenery/Props: Randy Markgraf

Music: Natalie Nauss-Aldrich

Videographer: Mark Clark

Photographer: Cricket Smith

Actors in order of appearance

Pink Troll: Amy Moise

Purple Troll: Christine Reed

Periwinkle Blue Troll: Amy Tejeda

Goldilocks: Suzanne Roberts

Owl Park Ranger: Cassie Rodriguez

Fox Park Ranger: Ashley Fenske

Racoon Park Ranger: Jessica Bazan

Dad: Todd Gilbert

Mom: Melissa Gilbert

Emmy: Sara Keyes

Mudge: Randy Markgraf

Mama Bear: Laura Clark

Papa Bear: Mark Clark

Baby Bear: Bailey Hoskins

Judge: Jenny Edwards

Wolf: Michelle Harclerode

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