2014 2015 SSYRA Books

5 comments on “2014 2015 SSYRA Books
  1. Kim says:

    I really enjoyed the book Dorko the Magnificent. It was a wonderful book and I loved the grandma. It was very sad. Dorko goes through something that a lot of kids go through. I hope you enjoy this book like I did.

  2. AED says:

    I liked hooper because the dog is finding his family

  3. tayler says:

    I thought nick would be out of pitching in the king of the mound.

  4. vb says:

    I thought this book (Stranded) was very funny and creative, I liked how they got ship wrecked and 4 kids were stuck on an island for days when they didnt like each other!

  5. jacob says:

    The sasquath escape book was really good. I like the part when the sasquath got loose.

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