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26 comments on “8 Class Pets…
  1. Anonymous says:

    I like this book because it has lots of animals.

  2. Thao says:

    I like this book because all the animals were funny and they each had their own story.

  3. As says:

    I like this book because it has kind of like an adventure.

  4. nate says:

    This was such a funny book and thats why i like it.

  5. allen says:

    I do not like this book that much because it is very short it was very good and i got into it but it ended really quick.

  6. Celeste says:

    I like this book because it has talking animals that are very funny.

  7. Ethan says:

    8 class pets is funny.

  8. Hayden says:

    I think it was so funny !!!!!

  9. bp says:

    I liked this book because it was funny.

  10. kailey m says:

    This book is just keep going on and on. And you just want to know what is going to happen. And it also makes you wanting to keep reading.So you should read it.

  11. autumn says:

    8 Class pets is a very very funny book!!!!!!!

  12. Zach says:

    The taking cat is pretty weird$$$

  13. Michelle says:

    My favorite part of this book was when they kept on saying “school school”.

  14. marley w says:

    I love animals and that’s why i love this book .

  15. Zach says:

    It is pretty funny!!!!!!!!

  16. Mia M says:

    I love this book because the events are really funny and you never know what will happen next. Its really funny because all of the animals talk.The cool thing is that the previous animals come to the next event.

  17. chase says:

    I did not realy like it because there are not little problemes in the story like a lot of other books.

  18. Alonzo says:

    I loved this book. Because it was funny how the dog was chasing the squirrel through-out the whole book.

  19. aaliyah m says:

    it was funny and entertaining all at the same time.

  20. Alyssa M says:

    I liked this book because they are about animals and i love animals so i enjoyed this book very much!!!!!

  21. Alyssa says:

    I loved this book because it is about all these animals and it is awesome and i love animals they aare so cute!!!!!!!!

  22. christian says:

    This is the best book in the world so funny you should read it.

  23. nathan says:

    I like this book because it was funny and creative.

  24. mekenzie says:

    The book 8 Class Pets is a very funny and intresting book…

  25. LR says:

    It was so funny

  26. lily says:

    It was funny and ilove it.

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