Waiting for the Magic

Waiting for the Magic What did you think about this book and why?  Responding with why you like the book or not,  helps other readers and creates better conversations

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5 comments on “Waiting for the Magic
  1. gabriela says:

    It is very good. It starts out really sad but then it gets better and
    the animals talk.

  2. RNM says:

    haven’t read all of it but it is great for animal lovers. its a nice story but sometimes it can be sorta sad. who knew someone would buy 4 dogs and 1 at in one day!i really recommend this book to other kids.

  3. aaliyah@diplomat says:

    what a yummy book to read!!!

  4. aaliyahdiplomat says:

    this book brings the sadness,sillyness,and happyness in me!……….mmmmmmmm,I just love books like that!

  5. Makenzie from Diplomat says:

    It is very funny with a hint of saddness but a nice Book battle book to start with as well.

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