The Familiars

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9 comments on “The Familiars
  1. Makenzie from Diplomat says:

    Read the Familiars!It is a magic filled book that you will never want to put back down.After this one you will want to read all the other books in this magic~filled searies!

  2. Erika says:

    You should read this amazing, magic-filled novel. But I warn you, once you pick this book up, you’ll never put it back down.

  3. ms says:

    364 pages worth reading!

  4. Claire S. says:

    I loved the book. It was amazng. It’s filled with a lot of details. I can imagine the whole book like a movie. (if you haven’t read this book you should get it soon. You will be amazed by how good it is.

  5. MASON V.@diplomat says:

    This book is great lots of action and adventure. Kids find it and read it!!!

  6. haley b.@diplomat says:

    I want it next it sounds good.

  7. OS says:

    i look foward to reading this book the trailer look awesome.

  8. vampirebunny says:

    it sounds like a great book

  9. kaitlyn says:

    love the bird so adorible!also love this website! read the familiars

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