Sophie Simon Solves Them All

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9 comments on “Sophie Simon Solves Them All
  1. amelia DIPLOMAT says:

    i love this book because it reminds me of my third grade Mrs.Grau it reminds me of her because she read it to me and my classmates

  2. Nicole says:

    i loved Lenny the Lemur he was so funny and the birthday party that would be my best birthday yet

  3. M. Harclerode says:

    Dallas, I have a soft spot for Sophie. She was one cool kid, who really knew herself, an independent soul I’d say. – Mrs. H

  4. Dallas says:

    I love all the characters and how they react to the situations in the book. This was my favorite book battle book.

  5. mackenzie says:

    this book is amazing!!!!!!!!

  6. mackenzie says:

    i just got the book yesterday and i already am three chapters into the book!!!

  7. ratedrexmanbolt221 says:

    the trailer look old fashion with the pitcures

  8. bestmansauer says:

    This book is a easy read to gain some reading counts points. Sophie simon is a shy girl but will she help someone for a calculator she has been dying for? you have to read to find out :<

  9. af says:

    this boook was a great book. i love this book i am going to requst this boook to all of my friends. i was so interresting there was so much action. i love it.

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