What did you learn?

You just completed a book trailer or digital story, now tell us what you learned.
Answer these 5 questions?

1. Was there a new skill you learned, that you could use in other projects? Explain.

2. What advice would you give someone who is creating a digital story for the first time?

3. What was your favorite part of creating a digital story and why?

4. Your work was published on the web. How did it make you feel to share your digital story with the world?

5. Would you like to do another digital story? Why or why not?

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12 comments on “What did you learn?
  1. Karim and Brandon says:

    1. NO, we did one about ourselfs at the begining of the year
    2. We have a few things, to have a loud voice,you should also write a good script,don’t give away what happens at the end.
    3.Adding the pictures to our script.
    4.We feel good because if someone wants to find out what happenes in the book we helped them know part of it.
    5.Yes,because we can make msic and find pictures.

  2. Katie and Sasha says:

    1.No, we did not learn anything, because we did one before.
    2.We have 2 things, use accurate pictures and talk with a loud voice.
    3.Our favorite part was the music.
    4.We feel very proud because people will see our fantastic book trailer and will want to read the book.
    5.Of, course we want to do another one because we had the most fun doing it together.

  3. Logan says:

    1. How to search for re use or copyright free images.
    2. Make sure you use copyright images or you will have to do your search all over again which is a pain.
    3. Finding the music is my favorit part – when you mix the sounds it can turn out funny.
    4. Being published on the web makes me proud, and other countries can see this – it is everywhere.
    5. Yes I would do another trailer because it was fun – IF you don’t mess up.

  4. Dylan and Kim says:

    1.We learned how to find pictures on the internet [ the right way] and how to save them.
    2. Our advice to someone is to say their lines loudly and excitedly.
    3. Narration was fun and then hearing it. And taking our own photos and then putting the special effects.
    4. I felt happy and scared because it was our movie. But people liked and wanted to watch it again.
    5. Yes because it was fun and it was exiting to let other people see out work.

  5. Andrew and Ryan says:

    1. We learned how to copy pictures and use them for reuse and how to use google and google images, because we had to search for pictures to use and if there ok to use and put the pictures into the photo story.

    2. We would say to the person take your time and review your work.

    3. Our favorite things were finding music and recording the script, because we got to sample new music we never heard and we listened to our hilarious recording mistakes.

    4. It made us feel a bit nervous, because if someone didnt like it or thought there was a mistake they’d be saying things about your trailer.

    5. We would like to make another trailer, because its fun and we like to make entertaining photo story to make others read more.

  6. Michael says:

    1. Yes, I learned more about Google and have more expierence with it now.
    2. I would tell them to work hard!!!!! ALWAYS remember to save all of your information properly.
    3. My favorite part was recording my narration. It was really fun and I laughed when I messed up.
    4. As Cassidy & Milene said, it made me feel famous! It’s really amazing to see my published work!
    5. Yes, because it was alot of fun and I learned alot of things I really didn’t know.

  7. Alexander, Hunter,Joseph says:

    1. We learned that changing the music type makes a huge inprovement to your book trailer.

    2. Our advice is to make sure to look up good for reuse and to make sure to find the right pictures.

    3. Our favorite part of the digital story was talking in the microphone.

    4. We felt very scared and afraid that people won’t like our digital story.

    5. Yes because it’s very fun and entertaining.

  8. Cassidy & Milene says:

    1. Well, we learned that working hard pays off even though working hard is sometimes extremely fun!
    2. WORK HARD! And ALWAYS make sure your pictures are big enough. Because if there not, you’ll probably end up finding ALL of them all over again! Not fun. Also when you do your recording make sure your speaking very clearly, and loudly.
    3. We’re pretty sure it was recording. It’s alot of fun, and messing up just makes you laugh. REALLY hard.
    4. Well this will probably sound crazy, but it made us feel famous! (: Everyone in our class was watching our video and it was fun to see everyone enjoying it.
    5. Yes! We would most definetley do another one, because it’s really fun to be doing something that you actually enjoy!

    Book Trailer: No Talking

  9. Mrs. H says:

    Wonderful job on the autobiographies Mrs. Keyes class. It was fun working with all of you. Now on to our book trailers,

  10. Mrs. Keyes' Class says:

    1. Searching for images to use on a website for a specific viewer or audience.
    2. Think about how to be creative and find excellent pictures.
    3. Finding the music really brings your story alive.
    4. It felt good because we were able to share our work with our audience.
    5. Yes, we would like to do another photostory because we will have a chance to improve.

  11. Thank you Mrs. Turner’s class, you did a great job on your autobiographies. I can’t wait to see your book trailers.

  12. Mrs. Turner's Class says:

    1.We learned more about how to use computers; saving files, word processing, using search engines properly through filtering.
    2. Pay attention to the details. When you search photos you need BIG pictures. Make sure you speak clearly and your narration should match your images.
    3. To search and find pictures was the best. We alos liked to make the music and narrate. Really, everything was fun!!
    4. It was exciting because the whole world could see your work. It was neat to show parents/friends what we did in school. It was also a little nervewracking, not knowing what others might think.
    5. Yes, we like the freedom to be able to take our own pictures and it gives us the ability to be creative. We also like to look at other photostories.

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